OUR PROGRAMS Lung transplant patients have better outcomes when they are backed by a strong support network. LTP has created these support programs to enhance the quality of care provided to lung transplant patients, families and caregivers.


The Lung Transplant Project Support Group is a program to empower & educate people post-transplant to assist them in moving forward in life. Patients and their family derive great benefit by interacting firsthand with other people post-lung transplant. The support group is directed by a qualified social worker with knowledge about the typical challenges people face post-transplant. LTP Support Group will discuss topics such as: mental well-being, re-inventing your life, exercise and nutrition, challenges post-transplant, and relationships. With the help of today’s advances in research, medicine and technology, more people are receiving lung transplants, they are living longer and achieving more than ever before. LTP Support group will assist in living life to its fullest.

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