The LTP Gala was a wonderful night in a spectacular setting. There were heartfelt moments, an amazing performance by Sister Sledge and lots of love & support.

And while we are still a long way from solving the critical issues for lung transplant patients, it is because of nights like these that we have hope.

Every single person there helped make that happen.

We celebrated the lives of our founder; Victor Fink, our doctor; Dr. Joshua Sonett and Tony Goldman, in memorium. We marveled at their accomplishments, cheered their milestones and will continue to support their mission until all lung transplant patients can breathe easier.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Gala for making that possible.

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Victor Fink

Dr. Arcasoy moved the entire ballroom as he shared Victor’s story of unwavering will and support for the Lung Transplant Project, CUMC and its patients.

Victor’s charitable efforts, immense generosity and his natural ability to lift people up with his kindness and compassion are an inspiration to all!

He dreamed of a day when a lung transplant would become “just another operation.” Thanks to everyone supporting his cause, that day will come sooner.

Tony Goldman

We were proud to have had the Goldman family with us this year as we honored Tony's courage, wisdom and passion for life.

Tony’s life and commitment to the lung transplant community serves as a reminder to all of us to do what we love and to love deeply during our precious time here on earth.

His wife Janet continues his amazing work in supporting the Lung Transplant Program at CUMC.

Dr. Sonett

“There are so many special things about Dr. Sonett – trying to put it into words is quite a challenge,” said one of his devoted patients. “He is thoughtful and kind; he always puts his patients first.”

Dr. Sonett has not only given the gift of life to so many of us, but his compassion and ability to always be present for those in need, whether it be patients, families, care-givers, or co-workers inspires us.

Dr. Sonett, you are truly loved.


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